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Clackamas Piano Lessons

For the health and safety of everyone involved, lessons taken in person observe the following precautions:

  1. Piano keys and doorknobs are sanitized after each student.

  2. It is requested, but not required that everyone wear masks.

  3. Parents, please ensure that the child has no symptoms of illness.

This studio offers online lessons with some of the most popular and current music software available. Online lessons are a convenient and effective alternative to in-person lessons. The same pieces and theory content are presented in this format.

Happy Valley Piano Teacher

Online lessons require access to Zoom. The Zoom website or app can be accessed on laptop, iPad, Chromebook or smartphone.

Helpful hints to get the best results:

  • Make sure your device is updated.

  • Use a music or computer stand at the end of the piano on the right side. Position the camera to capture the student and piano keys. 

  • Written assignments can be sent electronically by taking a picture of it and emailing it back.

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